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cauliflower, fennel, chilli and cheese croquettes

cauliflower, fennel, chilli and cheese croquettes

Nowadays my weekly menu is devised on bases a little like this; is it something that we can all eat, does it deliver on the ‘rainbow factor’, does it taste good, is it quick to make and can we cook it together? The latter is important because there are repeated demonstrations of my little boy’s best manners when he wants to get involved, ‘mammap please may I help you, it will be educational for…

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Typical breakfast on the weekends Omelet with veggies and…

Typical breakfast on the weekends

Omelet with veggies and cheese:
Cooking a good omelet can be challenging when you cook with steel pans instead of non-stick pans (not a fan of Teflon, personally). To keep the eggs from sticking, use a higher heat oil, like avocado, butter, or coconut, and make sure the pan is hot. Don’t use high heat, but let the pan heat up before putting the oil in. One the pan is hot, add your pull and coat the pan. Add your veggies, in this case onion and broccoli, and saute until they are your preferred level of doneness. I like onions well done, so I add them first and get some carmelization.

Once the veggies are done, add some oil, if needed, and then add well-beaten eggs. I use four for the girlfriend and I and cut the omeletin half. Make sure the eggs are beaten to a pretty consistent mixture add it helps them to not stick.

Add the eggs. They should immediately start to sizzle/bubble. If not, your pan isn’t hot enough. Let the eggs sit for a minute or two until the edges look pretty solid. Use a spatula to slide in one edge of the eggs and tilt the pan so the liquid eggs in the middle hit the pan directly. Repeat this as necessary. Once mostly done, you can either flip the eggs, which I do, or just continue cooking until done to your preferred level of doneness. Fold in half, add cheese, and let the cheese melt. Top with hit sauce, ketchup, whatever. Done!

Potato hash browns:
We LOVE crunchy hash browns. We wanted to make them ourselves, so I set out to figure out how. I buy whole potatoes and shred them with a cheese grater. After shredded, I put them in a dish towel (we have one dedicated for this purpose only because the next step stains the towel). Then, my precipitous strength (not really, I’m a cyclist with the legs odd superman and the upper body of pee wee herman…) I squeeze and wring out the potatoes as hard as I can. Get as much water or add you can. Seriously, this is the key step. Once rung out, I drop them into a hot, oiled pan. Again, like the eggs, the pan should be hot and the oil a higher heat oil. The potatoes should sizzle immediately. Using a spatula, I spred the potatoes out over the whole pan and flatten them out using some good pressure to flatten. Fry for a minute or two and add salt and pepper. Flip the potatoes in pieces so that both sides are hitting the heat directly. If you are making a lot, you might need to break up the mass a couple times. Just keep flattening, flipping/scrambling until done to your crispness. We like crunch, so this is a several minute process. Once done, add to your plate and eat. I like ketchup on my potatoes, the girlfriend doesn’t (I know, she’s weird).

Asian spiced edamame bean, new potato and quinoa patties

Asian spiced edamame bean, new potato and quinoa patties

Asian spiced edamame bean, new potato and quinoa patties I do get exasperated at points; my eyes fill with foggy grey, disorderly purple, and at the moment I have a stream of lectures to prepare for, a fourth birthday party to plan, a husband in Hong Kong, leaking boiler, new after nursery activities starting up, recipe submissions in two different directions, a cookery class to get ready…

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Green beans and soya beans in red sambal

Green beans and soya beans in red sambal

I had a lovely Christmas break. If you are reading this and you didn’t then I can relate to you. Things are not always the same. This year, it was lovely. We saw Santa four times; at the activity farm where we ice skated, made a bear, rode a tractor and saw a real reindeer. We also saw Santa at the children’s theatre, where the performance charmed my child into sitting quietly, eyes widened for…

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Black bean and Halloumi Curry- Video recipe

Black bean and Halloumi Curry- Video recipe

  One of the most popular recipes that is visited on my site is the black bean and hallomi curry.  It is also a recipe that is now close to my heart. Why? Well it was a very early recipe on the vegetarian blog and I really enjoyed all the banter it created about it being strange and wonderful…halloumi is not a common ingredient for…

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Lasagna made with tofu, spinach, onion, and pecans on top.

Lasagna made with tofu, spinach, onion, and pecans on top.

Creole spiced wild rice with carrots, edamame bean and tofu

Creole spiced wild rice with carrots, edamame bean and tofu

One of the high-spirited (and what I call) ‘professional mums’ at my boy’s school exhales animated banter full of expletives and honesty in the mornings. I tell her that her dose of reality is like a second breakfast for me.  She comically exudes what most of us are thinking; the temper inducing traffic, the unpalatable lack of child-gratitude for what mum does, the fading of an identity of our…

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Avocado Pickled Beet Egg Toast!This was a simple “what do I have…

Avocado Pickled Beet Egg Toast!

This was a simple “what do I have that I can throw together for breakfast today” kind of meal.  The girlfriend and I (ok, just the girlfriend) made asiago garlic bread and pickled beet eggs this weekend, and I bought a bag of avocados at Trader Joe’s last weekend.

My twisted brain said “screw it, let’s put them together!” so…I did.  This was surprisingly good.

Pickled beet eggs are very easy and can be made many ways.  Basically, clean (and peel if you want) beets, then boil them in a water and vinegar solution.  Different recipes call for different amounts of vinegar (from 1/3 cup to 3 cups, though 3 cups is too much, in my opinion) and some salt and other seasonings if you want.  Boil until soft and fork piercable (depends on size of beets.

Hard boil some eggs (pretty much a no brainer, just boil for 10-15 minutes depending on egg size), then peel and set aside.  Place eggs in a container that has a lid, then add the sliced beets.  Pour the beet boiling water/vinegar mixture over the eggs and beets and let soak overnight.

The bread was from a recipe in “The Breadmaker Gourmet” book that the girlfriend owns, so I don’t know what went in that.

Mash the avocado on the toast, then add beets and eggs, sprinkle some salt and pepper (trust me, it helps cut the sour vinegar if the eggs and beets are vinegar-y) and enjoy!

Spicy Raw Beet Salad!This is a great side to go with just about…

Spicy Raw Beet Salad!

This is a great side to go with just about anything.  It has lots of flavor, and doesn’t take too long to whip up.


 – Beets – washed, scrubbed and/or peeled

 – Jalapeno

 – Green onion

 – Lime and/or lemon juice

 – Olive oil

 – Salt, pepper, garlic, cumin to taste

 – Greens (if desired – I put it on a bed of greens when I have them, but it is just as good without)

The beets in the above photo are shredded, which you can do for ease of eating, or you can just slice it and eat the beets that way.  I have made this both ways (disclaimer:  the salad above was actually made by my local favorite vegetarian restaurant Crave & Co., but I got the recipe and have made this salad myself a bunch of times) and prefer shredded.  Be careful if shredding, though.  Beet juice is VERY LIKELY to stain EVERYTHING.  Seriously, I have a cutting board and a corningware dish lid that are still purple…

Anyway, shred or chop up the beets to your desired size.  Slice the green onion and dice the jalapeno, and combine with the olive oil, lemon, lime, and seasonings.  Mix well, then serve on the greens or by itself.  Yummy, healthy, and it’ll make you poo and pee purple/pink!  Yay!