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cauliflower, fennel, chilli and cheese croquettes

cauliflower, fennel, chilli and cheese croquettes

Nowadays my weekly menu is devised on bases a little like this; is it something that we can all eat, does it deliver on the ‘rainbow factor’, does it taste good, is it quick to make and can we cook it together? The latter is important because there are repeated demonstrations of my little boy’s best manners when he wants to get involved, ‘mammap please may I help you, it will be educational for…

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Typical breakfast on the weekends Omelet with veggies and…

Typical breakfast on the weekends

Omelet with veggies and cheese:
Cooking a good omelet can be challenging when you cook with steel pans instead of non-stick pans (not a fan of Teflon, personally). To keep the eggs from sticking, use a higher heat oil, like avocado, butter, or coconut, and make sure the pan is hot. Don’t use high heat, but let the pan heat up before putting the oil in. One the pan is hot, add your pull and coat the pan. Add your veggies, in this case onion and broccoli, and saute until they are your preferred level of doneness. I like onions well done, so I add them first and get some carmelization.

Once the veggies are done, add some oil, if needed, and then add well-beaten eggs. I use four for the girlfriend and I and cut the omeletin half. Make sure the eggs are beaten to a pretty consistent mixture add it helps them to not stick.

Add the eggs. They should immediately start to sizzle/bubble. If not, your pan isn’t hot enough. Let the eggs sit for a minute or two until the edges look pretty solid. Use a spatula to slide in one edge of the eggs and tilt the pan so the liquid eggs in the middle hit the pan directly. Repeat this as necessary. Once mostly done, you can either flip the eggs, which I do, or just continue cooking until done to your preferred level of doneness. Fold in half, add cheese, and let the cheese melt. Top with hit sauce, ketchup, whatever. Done!

Potato hash browns:
We LOVE crunchy hash browns. We wanted to make them ourselves, so I set out to figure out how. I buy whole potatoes and shred them with a cheese grater. After shredded, I put them in a dish towel (we have one dedicated for this purpose only because the next step stains the towel). Then, my precipitous strength (not really, I’m a cyclist with the legs odd superman and the upper body of pee wee herman…) I squeeze and wring out the potatoes as hard as I can. Get as much water or add you can. Seriously, this is the key step. Once rung out, I drop them into a hot, oiled pan. Again, like the eggs, the pan should be hot and the oil a higher heat oil. The potatoes should sizzle immediately. Using a spatula, I spred the potatoes out over the whole pan and flatten them out using some good pressure to flatten. Fry for a minute or two and add salt and pepper. Flip the potatoes in pieces so that both sides are hitting the heat directly. If you are making a lot, you might need to break up the mass a couple times. Just keep flattening, flipping/scrambling until done to your crispness. We like crunch, so this is a several minute process. Once done, add to your plate and eat. I like ketchup on my potatoes, the girlfriend doesn’t (I know, she’s weird).