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Piri piri chickpea salad

Piri piri chickpea salad

On Wednesday I started at 6.30am (the usual time) by cooking for the long day ahead. I then went to a class of body attack. I always feel like I will collapse within the first fifteen minutes of that class, but I did it and it felt good! I came home, showered and changed and then went on the nursery run and collected my energetic and spirited little sweetie before taking him to eat pizza, as a…

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Who doesn’t love pizza??  It’s delicious melty…

Who doesn’t love pizza??  It’s delicious melty cheesy goodness, and it’s fun to make!  

Use store-bought crust or make your own!  Play around with the sauce; instead of tomato, try using pesto or bbq!  And you can never have enough cheese, so instead of using just one, try using 2 or 3 or 4.  It adds flavor and variety!