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Breakfast cookies

Breakfast cookies 2016 was an interesting year wasn’t it. Let’s not get into it, but I think the world outside and most definitely within, in the last year was fraught. But what did I take from it? I learned that perhaps in a world where shouting ‘look at me’ though the wide-open windows of social media is now normal, it is of probably of benefit to close the door now and again and think about…

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Spiced Apricot, nut and Kellogg’s Special K snack Balls

Spiced Apricot, nut and Kellogg’s Special K snack Balls

The wild effects of hunger I am one of those that has a frequently growling tummy and it is just best for all those involved (with me) that the beast within me (my appetite) is tamed, frequently. I don’t feel naughty with these balls of apricot, nuts and Kellogg’s special K.  They are bursting with spice, coconut and pistachio…keep them in the fridge and they will last a few days.   Ingredients…

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