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Green beans and soya beans in red sambal

Green beans and soya beans in red sambal

I had a lovely Christmas break. If you are reading this and you didn’t then I can relate to you. Things are not always the same. This year, it was lovely. We saw Santa four times; at the activity farm where we ice skated, made a bear, rode a tractor and saw a real reindeer. We also saw Santa at the children’s theatre, where the performance charmed my child into sitting quietly, eyes widened for…

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Malaysian spiced green bean salad

Malaysian spiced green bean salad

Malaysian spiced green bean salad Last week my husband and I went on our first date together in over a year. It has been a momentous month since the last recipe I shared. We attended the weddings of two cousins; smiling, colour-clad, swung between nostalgia and envisaging the future and all the while joyfully exhausted. My uniformed baby started nursery school and the first day was full of new…

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