Basic vegetable lasagna

1 large zucchini, diced
1 bell pepper, diced
1 medium onion, diced
8 oz mushrooms, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 jar pasta sauce
1 tsp Italian seasoning
½ tsp red pepper flakes
8 oz ricotta cheese
1 egg
8 oz shredded mozzarella cheese
9 dried lasagna noodles, cooked according to package instructions, reserve some pasta water
2 tbsp olive oil
Salt to taste

Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Crack egg into small bowl and lightly beat the egg.
Add ricotta into bowl and mix with egg, and then add Italian seasoning and ½ tsp salt and mix until well combined. Set aside.

Add olive oil to large skillet, preheat over medium heat
Sauté onion and pepper until softened
Add garlic, sauté one minute
add mushrooms and zucchini, and red pepper flakes, sauté until mushrooms release their water and are softened.
Add ¾ jar pasta sauce into pan, mix well and bring to a simmer. If too thick, add a little pasta water. Simmer for about 5 minutes.

Layer sauce into 9×13 ovenproof pan, try not to include too many vegetables on the bottom layer.

Then add 3 lasagna noodles to bottom
Add vegetable sauce mixture, spread on top evenly
Spread ricotta cheese layer on top of vegetable sauce layer.
Repeat again with another set of noodles, sauce and ricotta.
On top layer, add noodles, reserved pasta jar sauce, spread evenly, and sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top evenly.

Cover with foil and bake in oven for 30 minutes.
Remove foil after 30 minutes and let the lasagna bake uncovered for another 5-10 minutes until top layer of cheese is fully melted and not “stringy” looking.