Spicy Raw Beet Salad!This is a great side to go with just about…

Spicy Raw Beet Salad!

This is a great side to go with just about anything.  It has lots of flavor, and doesn’t take too long to whip up.


 – Beets – washed, scrubbed and/or peeled

 – Jalapeno

 – Green onion

 – Lime and/or lemon juice

 – Olive oil

 – Salt, pepper, garlic, cumin to taste

 – Greens (if desired – I put it on a bed of greens when I have them, but it is just as good without)

The beets in the above photo are shredded, which you can do for ease of eating, or you can just slice it and eat the beets that way.  I have made this both ways (disclaimer:  the salad above was actually made by my local favorite vegetarian restaurant Crave & Co., but I got the recipe and have made this salad myself a bunch of times) and prefer shredded.  Be careful if shredding, though.  Beet juice is VERY LIKELY to stain EVERYTHING.  Seriously, I have a cutting board and a corningware dish lid that are still purple…

Anyway, shred or chop up the beets to your desired size.  Slice the green onion and dice the jalapeno, and combine with the olive oil, lemon, lime, and seasonings.  Mix well, then serve on the greens or by itself.  Yummy, healthy, and it’ll make you poo and pee purple/pink!  Yay!